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04.04.2007 08:13 
 Elaine Jordao [http://www.blazestar.com.br]

Hi, dear Etery, how are you doing??
Congratulations for your nice work.
My Best wishes, Elaine Jordao
Blaze Star Cattery
F.: (11) 5031-1738 / 8335-1836

04.04.2007 08:13 
 Marina & Vitaly

Good evening dear Etery!!
Thank you for the invitation. We have a great time on your site. At you remarkable cats!! We wish you a lot success in the future with breeding and showing.
Best Wishes,Marina & Vitaly.

04.04.2007 08:13 
 Francois [http://www.devalpierre.com]

I am looking your website. Congratulation for your so nice exotic! I like! Look my website: http://www.devalpierre.com. I come to buy my new male persian to USA, This is STEEPLECHASE JIMMY OF DEVALPIERRE.

04.04.2007 08:13 

Dear Etery,
I have just visited your website, and your cats are just so BEAUTIFUL !! Congratulations, you must be very very proud! I know, I would be so happy !!
Have a lovely day!
Warm wishes,Vicki

04.04.2007 08:13 
 Andreas & Gaby [http://www.gabans.de]

Hello Etery,
thank you for inviting us to your cattery, we had a good time there and your cats are realy beautiful. We love the big eyes on your kitties.We wish you much success for the future, many greetings and warm regards Andreas & Gaby

04.04.2007 08:13 
 Sonia from Italy [http://www.valmoripersians.com]

Hi dear,
wonderful cats with gorgeous eyes!!!!
And beautiful web pages!
Congratulation and keep up the fantastic work!

Sonia from Italy

04.04.2007 08:13 
 IGNACIO & TOMAS [http://www.sumavapersians.com]

Hi, Etery
I can’t see any cat, only a beautiful lady in picture. Greetings from Spain.

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