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Hi, my name is Etery.
Welcome to C-MATRIX Exotic Cattery!

Matua Etery

I am the owner of a small cattery, which is located in picturesque city of Rostov-on-Don in the South of Russia. My cattery was registered in the CFA. Specialization of C-MATRIX cattery is exotic (SH @ LH). All cats in my cattery have PKD Negative.

My dream to deal with the cats breeding appeared at the time when i purchased a cat of an amazing beauty. The cat looked like a plush toy from an exquisite shop. Since that time my dream has come true.

At present i have a perfect kingdom of wonderful cats. There is a real cat-king among them. His name is Fiery Charm. My cats love each other, and in love only beautiful kittens are born. I consider a cat to be a symbol of joy and cosiness. In my mind a cat is the most graceful, unknown, mysterious animal. My cats are bright and unique “personalities” with all features, which are typical for this breed. They are the most calm cats, but under their mind they spend to wind round my little finger. If you are interested in their beauty and breed and if you would like to find such a kitten, please contact me by e-mail for further information.

You are welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy your visits and I'll try to give you a pleasure by my competent work as a cattery-owner.

Rostov-on-Don, Russia
+7 961 416-06-12 (mobile)
Instagram: c_matrix_
ICQ:  285919286

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