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2009-02-25 11.28 am 
 Marja Bioch [http://www.vanhetvlinderveen.nl]

Hello Etery,

Thank you for youre verry nice message in my guestbook. I had a wonderfull time on youre website also youre cats are verry beautifull.

Marja Bioch
cattery van ‘t Vlinderveen

2009-02-24 5.23 pm 
 Ljudmila Maier [http://vom-damenberge.de.vu]

Hello from Germany!
I have a great time on your nice website.Your cats are BEAUTIFUL. I wish you all the best for the future, on breeding and showing.
Liebe Grüße vom-damenberge (l) (y)

2009-02-19 10.16 pm 
 Conny [http://www.elshetlajas.de]

Hello Etery, thank you very much for your warm and friendly wishes in my guestbook. What a wonderful website you have. I really enjoyed my visit. Love all your beautiful cats. Good luck for your breeding programme and best wishes in the future. Please fell free to take our banner with you and send us yours by mail.
Warmest Regards Conny & El Shetlajas Persians (l)

2009-02-19 2.44 pm 
 Ania Castedo [http://www.hanylou.com]

Hello Etery
Thanks for signing my Guestbook! =)
Congratulations for your beautifull cats and kittens!
And also well done for your sweet homepage!
Hugs from Portugal

2009-02-18 5.17 pm 
 Jeannette [http://www.lovelymoon.de]

Hello Etery, thank you for your nice entry in my GB. It is always a pleasure to return to your HP. I really enjoyed my visit and I see your so fantastic cats and kittens *congratulations*. I wish you all the best in breed and show for the future all.
lovely greetings sends Jeannette and *Lovely Moon* Cats

2009-02-18 2.19 pm 
 Carla Kurzweg [http://www.eruptions-persian.cxa.de]

d Hello
It is very pleasure to me to visit your site.
You have very beautiful cats.I like them all. I wish you prosperity to your cattery and new wonderful kittens!
Kind Regards from Cattery Eruptions
o) (f)

2009-02-18 1.57 am 
 Beatrix [http://www.mankies-perserkatzen.de]

Thanks for the dear entry, I can give this only back
your cats are also beautiful,
and your Hp. is simply quite great.
I like to come back
dear greets Beatrix (y)

2009-02-17 2.29 pm 
 Gerson Alves [http://www.paxdeorum.com.br]

Hi Etery!
Thank you very much for your visit at my web site and your friendly words about it. You have a wonderful work too, with gorgeous babies.
I hope that you enjoyed your visit like I did.
My best regards from Brazil!
Gerson (@)

2009-02-14 11.18 am 
 Maria Novoselskaya [http://www.latlorien.com]

Dear Etery,
You have very beautiful qualitative animals! I wish you in new year of new kind impressions of your sincere hobby of Breeding’s exotic and persian cats!
Warmest wishes, Maria (l)

2009-02-11 12.38 pm 
 colinet joelle [http://larivieredemeraude.com]

Merci pour votre gentil mot sur mon livre d’or ça fait plaisir.A mon tour j’ai été visiter votre très joli site et je peux vous dire que vos chats sont magnifiques et vous souhaite une très bonne continuation dans votre passion que nous avons en communs et beaucoup de bonheur. d d d

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