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2009-02-11 1.29 am 
 Renata Garcia [http://www.gatilanges.com]

Hello from Brazil!

Thanks for your nice words about my website.
I also visited your website and liked very, especially them your kittens!!
Congratulations and much success!
PS: I have two Don Sphynx, that had come directly from Russia!

Hugs! o)

2009-02-07 11.27 pm 
 Karl-Heinz Bartel [http://www.bartels-exo.dk]

Hello from Denmark, (f)
My compliments to a very niuce website. I have a wonderful time here (f) to see your beautiful cats and your sweet kitten (l) they are gorgeous. I wish you all the best for your future breeding. My kitten site is opdate to. Best regards Karl-Heinz and cats. (f) (f) (f) (y)

2009-02-07 7.59 pm 
 Zita [http://www.monarcha.cz]

Hello Etery. Thank you for visit my website. Your cats are very very beautiful. Good luck in your breed and show. (y) ita and persian cattery Monarcha from the Czech Republic. (@) d

2009-02-07 7.22 pm 
 Alex and Sonja [http://users.telenet.be/cattery_cuoridimontagna]

Hi Etery,

Thanks for visit my Site.
You Have wonderfull cats and you have a beautifull site.
Best regards from Alex en Sonja ( Cattery cuori di Montagna Persian’s and Exotic’s

2009-02-07 1.57 am 
 Cordonnier Eliane [http://www.nephelyne.fr]

Le Palais Persan du Domaine de Néphelyne vous remercie pour votre visite sur le site et vous felicite pour vos beaux chats .
Tous mes Voeux
Eliane – FRANCE –

Le Palais du Domaine de Persan Néphelyne thank you for your visit to the site and congratulate you for your beautiful cats.
Best Wishes
Eliane – FRANCE

2009-02-05 4.46 pm 
 Marina [http://gemchyuga.com]

Hello Etery!
I have received huge pleasure visiting your beautiful site with magnificent cats. Your cats are magnificent. I congratulate you and your beautiful kitten on rank Junior Winner. This cat the present princess. I wish you and your pupils of the big success and the further victories over exhibitions. I shall be always glad to your visit on my site. Marina.
(y) 8) (l)

2009-01-30 11.30 am 
 Mariel [http://ns8.freeheberg.com/~persan/pageset055.htm]

Félicitations pour vos superbe chat.Un coup de coeur pour votre petite tortie que je trouve fabuleuse.
Bonne continuation dans votre travail d’élevage.
Sylvie. o)

2009-01-30 12.56 am 
 Bea [http://www.happy-homeport.nl]

Hello from the Netherlands,

It was a great pleasure to visit your website, you have magnificant cats and I like your male kitten(Blue/white) very much!

I wish you all the best for the future with showing and breeding.

Many greetings, Bea
(y) o)

2009-01-20 1.50 pm 
 Svitlana Kutuzova [http://www.starbabies.narod.ru/]

Hi, Etery! Congratulations for your website. It”s very nice. Your cats are gorgeous with a sweet and lovely expression.
I wish you all the best for the future, on breeding & showin.

(f) (y) (l)

2009-01-10 4.45 pm 
 isabelle [http://auxcoeursdeshimalayans.wifeo.com]

bonjour s est avec grand plaisir que je viens de visiter votre site ,sinceres felicitations et vos adorables petites merveilles je vous souhaite pleins de beaux bebes et d enormes succés futur ,mais aussi une bonne et heureuse année 2009
bien ammicalement isabelle (f)

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