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2009-07-10 4.38 am 
 Elisabeth & Zdzislav [http://www.jaguarundi.prv.pl]

Dear Ethery!
Today I have visited for more on your site and… I`m directly enchanted beauty and aristocratic charm of your favorite cats and their babies. I`m fascinated especially your tabby and tabby-white. They have excellent backgrounds and it added them to a “dignity”. I congratulate very professionally and consistently made the page!
Wishes for further success (l). Be happy with your charming cats! (l) (@) (*) p

2009-06-19 4.57 pm 

Вот такое чудо мне тоже очень нравится!Оболденный котка!http://c-matrix.ru/pic/070805/10-06-07-exotic-male-T.jpg

2009-06-19 4.50 pm 

Здравствуйте!Я просмотрела ваших кошечек!Они все прелестны!Но меня больше всего поразил C-MATRIX Little Buddha.Вот именно такого котика я себе и подыскиваю.Если у вас появятся такого уровня и окраса котики-буду очень признательна,если вы мне сообщите.Заранее спасибо,с уважением,Евгения o)

2009-06-02 11.30 pm 
 estelle [http://www.chatterie-de-mulligatawny.com]

coucou Etery,

Je t’écris de FRANCE , je suis vraiment heureuse de te connaitre et j’ai hâte d’embrasser “my baby doll” et “sweet Mona Lisa”, elles sont fabuleuses….Merci encore!!!!! (l)

2009-05-28 6.30 pm 
 Maria [http://www.latlorien.com]

Hello Etery,
I enjoyed my visiting of your site. At you beautiful cats and charming kittens. Have good luck in cats breeding and on shows!
All kind,
Maria and Latlorien cattery (CFA)

2009-05-24 9.10 pm 
 Ljudmila Maier [http://cattery-vom-damenberge.com]

Hello Etery,

My compliments to a great website! your cats are lovely all adorable well done, we would like to wish you all the best with your future breeding programme and lots of success in the show ring,

Best regards
Ljudmila Maier vom-damenberge (y) d

2009-05-22 11.34 pm 
 Małgorzata [http://www.marelapers.boo.pl]

Congratulations you have a very nice site with many beautiful cats. I have enjoyed my visit here. Hope you will find time to look my new site, and sining my guestbook. Kind Regards Malgorzata (l) (f) (f) (y) d (@)

2009-05-21 7.25 pm 
 Karl-Heinz Bartel [http://www.bartels-exo.dk]

Hello from Denmark!
My compliments to a very nice website. I have a wonderful time on your site to see your beautiful cats and your sweet kittens i (l) them, they are gorgeous. I wish you all the best for your future breeding. Best regards Karl-Heinz. (f) (f) (f)

2009-05-15 10.13 am 
 Pascale [http://www.montkailas.fr]

Hello Etery,

I had something to say to you…I AM VERY IMPATIENT TO KISS LITTLE BUDDHA o)
In some weeks he will be a part of our family and we are ready to welcome him.
You have magnificent cats and I thank you for relying on me by entrusting me this beautiful baby.
Friendly .
Pascale of France. (f)

2009-05-07 10.12 pm 
 Simona [http://www.magicpleasure.szm.sk]

Huge congratulations for your lovely website and mainly for all your marvellous feline Companions ! It was a pleasure to discover all of them ! Thanks for your sweet message on my guestbook too ! Best regards and wishes to you and all your feline family from Slovakia o) (f)

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