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2009-03-02 7.51 pm 
 Venera Khismetova [http://www.sazaterra.com]

I congratulate you on such fine site!!! Has received huge pleasure from its viewing! Your animals are magnificent!!!

2009-03-02 5.55 pm 
 Julia [http://snow.alvas.ru]

Пусть годы мчатся вереницей,
Пусть ветры воют и трубят, –
Ты будь такой, чтобы влюбляться
Мог кто-нибудь всегда в тебя!
Пусть будет солнце в день ненастный,
И щедрый, теплый свет – в глазах!
Пусть в жизни будет много счастья!
И только изредка – слеза.

2009-02-28 9.11 pm 
 Лариса Ксёнз [http://ksenz73.narod.ru/]

Здравствуйте! случайно попала на ваш сайт и не пожалела времени проведенного тут! прекрасные кошки и очень любящие их хозяева!!! успехов вам и вашим питомцам!!! всего доброго !!
Лариса Ксёнз

2009-02-27 8.59 pm 
 Tatjana [http://www.geocities.com/andriani_rozalinda]


Thank you for yours wonderful words.
It’s was great to visit yours website and to see
so beauty exotics.
Cattery of Exo/Per, Love Story, CFA

2009-02-27 5.04 pm 
 Olga Huskova [http://Czechrepablic]

Здравствуйте, Спасибо за запись в книге. Мне очень нравятся ваши любимые кошки и котята. Есть много других достижений. Husková Ольга (f) (@)

2009-02-26 8.55 pm 
 Ignacio & Tomas [http://www.sumavapersians.com]

d Hello.
Thanks for signing our guestbook. We just visited your site. Congratulations for your beautiful Persians and Exotics on there. Babies are so cute and sweet, wow! Good luck for the future at the shows and also with your breeding.
Ignacio and Tomas

2009-02-26 8.45 pm 
 Joe [http://www.azzaipersians.webs.com]

Greetings from Singapore!!
Hello Etery,
When I read your introduction about you of becoming a breeder and your dream came true,it reminds me of my long waiting for that time to come ..I know how happy you can be after you realised your fantasy becomes a reality.
I wish you all the luck in showing and breeding..Take care friends
Hugs and Kisses from Singapore!! (y) (f)

2009-02-26 4.07 pm 
 Irina [http://www.britishdvialle.com]

Hello Etery,
thank you for visiting my website.I visited your site,too.You have a very nice website and beautiful cats!I wish you all the best in breeding and shows!
Greetings from Portugal!
Irina and D’Vialle cats d

2009-02-26 1.56 pm 
 christa buschmann [http://www.vonderkota.de]

Thank you so much for the kind regards.Your cats so loveley,I like the Exotic.many greetings send Christa and her cats (l) (@)

2009-02-25 6.56 pm 
 Birgit [http://www.bibbiscattery.com]

Hi Etery

Thank you for nice comments in my guestbook d
I have been on your page now, and you have beautiful cats and kittens….
Best of luck in future breeding and show.
Regards Birgit

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